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A letter to my sons

A Letter To My Sons: P.S. I Love You

“Yawakatarira, itsamba yako, mwanangu. Chiboniboni chinovheneka zviri kutsi kwemwoyo wangu.” What you behold today, is your letter, my sons. It is a mirror reflecting the hidden secrets of my heart. I remember the words of the wise king, train up a child in the way he should go, and when he[…]

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The importance of the priest of all believers

Is The Priesthood of All Believers Really Biblical?

Have you ever stopped to think what does it really mean that you believe in Jesus Christ? Your faith in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit should be more than a mental consent or a label you give yourself when you want to be different or you feel you want to belong. You have been called by God to be a priest.

A royal priesthood.

You have been called to a position of responsibility. You have been called to care about the Triune God, the people around you, those that treat you wrongly, those that betrayed you, those that ignore you, those that consider you an enemy, and those that look up to you. You have been called to be a representative of Christ’s glory, a demonstration of the Holy Spirit’s power and a vehicle of the Father’s love.

This calling is not for the chosen few. It is not for the well-read. It is not exclusive to the seminary graduate. It’s a call placed on everyone who calls upon the name of Jesus Christ. You and I, we are all priests.

Why is the priesthood of all believers important? Take a walk in your neighborhood, watch the news and see if the bad news around us is not a testimony of a generation that has been sleeping on duty.

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Is being a single mom a sin?

Being A Single Mom Isn’t One of the 7 Deadly Sins

Nothing is worse than having a child out of marriage. Especially if you’re a woman. Especially if you had a teen pregnancy. And especially if you’re a Christian woman.

A woman with a child but without a daddy in sight is judged, stereotyped, and despised. Even by people who claim to be forgiving, loving and accepting. Christians.

She has the spirit of Jezebel, they mutter during a midweek prayer meeting. Let’s pray for her to find the light, they add. If you didn’t know, finding the light means finding a husband. And marriage is the sun that dispels all your darkness. Isn’t that making marriage an idol?

A child needs a father in the house, the preachers shout. Eyes dart to you and your sleeping child. Reminding you that your child is not complete until she has a father. She already has a father, you didn’t have an immaculate conception. But they don’t care about that.

It seems being a single parent is an example of bad parenting. It seems you’re a sinner because you’re raising your child alone. It seems you can never be able to train your child in the way she goes because you don’t have a husband. It seems the church is comfortable making marriage an idol.

That’s wrong and a good example of idolatry.

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trust God and be happy

Should You Stop Reading Bestselling Happiness Books? Yes, This Is Why

Happiness is the most profitable industry in the world. Each year Americans spend billions of dollars in books, workshops, retreats, and seminars in pursuit of happiness. Why is that so? Do you want to be happy too?

For much of the twenty-first century, research interest on happiness has exponentially increased and the findings are widely embraced in both religious and nonreligious cycles. “As one of the most significant dimensions of human experience and emotional life,” observed Sonja Lyubomirsky, a leading positive psychologist at University of California Riverside “happiness yields numerous rewards for the individual and makes for a better, healthier, stronger society as a whole.”

The pursuit of happiness is a modern day reenactment of the nineteenth century California Gold Rush, one person proclaims they have found the key to happiness and everyone scrambles. “Happiness is often said to be a transparent emotion: you will know it when you feel it,” wrote Camilla Nelson and Deborah Pike in On Happiness: New Ideas for the Twenty-First Century, “[but] happiness based on an inauthentic sense of self, divorced from material reality and circumstances, gives us not freedom, but a dangerous illusion of independence.”

So, then how can one cultivate and sustain happiness when chronically ill, jobless, tired, bereaved or hungry?

In recent years, there has been a surge in a number of books, workshops and studies on happiness as people seek to find the Holy Grail of happiness. Extensive research by Sonja Lyubomirsky suggests you can increase happiness through acts of kindness or gratitude, writing or talking about triumphs and defeats, self-affirmation and humility. Throughout her research, Prof Lyubomirsky revealed that better looks, wealth, positions, places and possessions contribute very little to the overall happiness a person can experience at any moment.

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Spirital growth

17 Things That Will Make Your Spiritual Growth Fruitful

Spiritual growth is not an option, it’s a necessity. And desperation is not optional either if you long for spiritual growth, it’s a mandatory. You cannot choose to be idle and expect a deep understanding and a fruitful knowledge of Christ.

You need to be hungry for God.


Spiritual growth is not an event, it’s a process. And like any other process, growing up in the Spirit requires an investment in time and resources. Are you willing to invest your time right now and discover how to grow spiritually?

My son doesn’t like eating, at all. He’s a picky eater. They’re only three things he can eat: cereal, candy and ice cream. He can eat cereal at breakfast, cereal at lunch and cereal for dinner.

The human body doesn’t grow from eating roughages and sugars only. You need proteins, other sources of carbohydrates, vitamins, water, mineral salts and fat. But my son doesn’t know that. And he doesn’t care.

But they’re two things he care about: growing big like Dad and driving a car like Mom. By the way, he’s at the why stage. Our dinnertime conversations always go like this:

“Can you eat your dinner, please.” “Why?” “Do you want to grow big like Daddy?” “Yes.” “Then eat your dinner.”

Last Sunday, my son had an important announcement to make. “Dad, I am now 21,” he said pensively. I laughed, “Why are you laughing? It’s not funny. I am 21.”

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Do You See What Being A Bitter Person Make You

Do You See What Being A Bitter Person Make You?

Naomi was a bitter person. She had every reason to be resentful and angry. She lost a husband, two sons, and her dignity. She lived among people God cursed. And there was nothing she could do about it.

Hopeless and dejected, Naomi returned to her homeland, Bethlehem.

“Do not call me Naomi; call me Mara,” Naomi told the people who had gathered to welcome her. Naomi means my delight but Mara is Hebrew for bitter. It seems Naomi wanted to declare to the world she was a bitter person.


Why would you want to be called a bitter person?

“For the Almighty has dealt very bitterly with me,” Naomi argued. And continued, “Why call me Naomi, when the Lord has testified against me and the Almighty has brought calamity upon me?”

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Emilio Garcia

Christianity Is Not For the Anti-Intellectual Mind

A common complaint of atheists, agnostics, the secularly religious, and skeptics of Christianity is that Christianity is not a religion that is defensible on a scientific or philosophical level. Here are five common arguments or assertions that I’ve heard from atheist friends and skeptics personally:   . The Bible is[…]

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